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Updated Removeapps script for Windows 10 1903

Windows 10 1903 are now available on MSDN and it is time to deploy it and remove the builtin apps we dont need. There are no major changes, added the two new version files Apps18362.txt and Capabilities18362.txt and a script to make it easier to extract all the builtin apps, Getapps.ps1.

Getapps.ps1 will create a text file in C:\temp with a list of all installed apps and remove all the blank spaces after each row so it can easily be copied to our blacklist file.

$Filename = C:\Temp\Appx.txt $Appx = Get-AppxPackage | select name $Appx | Out-File -FilePath $Filename $Apps = Get-Content $Filename $Apps | foreach{ $_.Trim()} | Out-File $Filename

I still remove OneNote and Sticky Notes in my sample file, they are probably needed or wanted for some so always review what is uninstalled for each new version of Windows 10. We dont want to uninstall the good stuff.

The original post can be found here:

The updated script can be downloaded from Technet Gallery here: Removeapps

It seems that Technet gallery is having some issue so it can be dowloaded here as well:

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