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Roam Chrome Settings with Onedrive4B with Intune or GPO

I wrote a post on how to roam Google Chrome settings using UE-V a while back making Chrome a great experience as we can roam bookmarks, settings, and more to a single file, Profile.pb. Note: enabling Roaming profile support removes the possibility to sync with the Google Cloud using a Google account.

Now time has come to solve this with Onedrive for Business and Known folder move using Group Policy or Intune CSP. It makes for a great user experience without the use of Google Accounts which we don’t want our end users to be forced to get. In the short movie below the end user experience is shown. Two machines, Onedrive for Business Known Folder move, Chrome Roaming Profile Configured to be saved in $(documents)\ChromeSettings

As shown in the short movie the Profile.pb file is created in Documents\ChromeSettings\Default and synced with the Onedrive Agent.


We start with ADMX ingestion of the Chrome.ADMX file as described here:

To that policy when then add teo custom ADMX backed policy settings.Name: Roaming Profile Support Enabled OMA-URI: ./Device/Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/Chrome~Policy~googlechrome/RoamingProfileSupportEnabled Data type: String Value: <enabled/>

Name: Roaming Profile Location OMA-URI: ./Device/Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/Chrome~Policy~googlechrome/RoamingProfileLocation Data type: String Value: <enabled/> <data id=RoamingProfileLocation value=$(documents)\Chromesettings/>

Group Policy

We can do the same with Group Policy which is even easier. We download and add the Chrome.ADMX and .ADML files to our central repository.

Under set the roaming profile directory we configure it to:$(documents)\ChromeSettings

I hope it it useful

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