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New versions of the Onevinn Windows 10 Upgrade tools available – Beta

Just in time for Windows 1903 the Onevinn Upgrade tools are getting some new features. Johan Schrewelius has been doing a great job once again.

TSLaunch ConfigMgr extension 2.3.19109.1.msi, is updated with improved datetime handling.

UPGBackground 1.0.19111.1.msi

It will show _SMSTSCurrentStepName all along the TS and an additional progressbar showing the actual upgrade progress during that step (setup.exe)Improved self-destruct

And it looks beautiful!

They are available now in the Upgrade tools download from TechNet Gallery and the Beta versions are available under the “Beta versions” folder.

Test it out, it is hard to test all scenarios and languages but we think it is ready 😀

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