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Målet med vårt arbete är att skapa en transparent, kostnadseffektiv säkerhet som märks så lite som möjligt av användarna. Vi brukar kalla det "intelligent säkerhet på
lagom nivå".


Windows 10 upgrade assessment using Onevinn TSLaunch

Today version 2 of the Onevinn Windows 10 Upgrade tools was released and there are many new great features in there created by my colleague  Johan Schrewelius. It can be downloaded here: More information on what TSlaunch is can be found here: I will try to cover at least some of the new features starting []

Using Google Chrome Roaming Profile settings with UE-V

In my work to get Google Chrome being a good citizen in an enterprise environment it is not time to look at roaming the Chrome settings. Chrome has support for roaming profile data and it can be enabled using a Group Policy which is great. Is it perfect, no it doesnt roam Extensions for example. []

How to show OOBE for AzureAD Join after OSD with SCCM

I am writing this post because I am lazy and already have Configuration Manager in my lab. But it is useful in other scenarios as well to get the latest version of Windows 10 on a computer before testing AzureAD Join/Autopilot for example. When I am testing more and more scenarios with AzureAD Join and []

Managing Google Chrome version 69 and later using Intune

Google Chrome has a great set of Group Policy settings we can configure which makes it possible for us to even use Chrome in environments with high-security requirements, and we can also do this with Intune as it supports ADMX ingestion and ADMX backed policies! Starting with Google Chrome version 69 and later it supports []

Onevinn Windows 10 Upgrade tools – UPGBackground

My dear colleague Johan Schrewelius has created some awesome tools for making it easier to upgrade/service Windows 10 to Windows 10 releases using a Task Sequence. We will start this blog series with a post on one of the tools UPGBackground. For those of you who use OSDBackground we can call it OSDBackgrounds little sister []