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Målet med vårt arbete är att skapa en transparent, kostnadseffektiv säkerhet som märks så lite som möjligt av användarna. Vi brukar kalla det "intelligent säkerhet på
lagom nivå".


Intune Win32 App deployment – A gamechanger

One of the biggest limitations in Microsoft Intune has been that we can only deploy single-file .MSIs and not .EXE installers. With the release of Win32app install support (in Preview) that limitation is now gone! Not only does it support legacy setups like .exe files for instance we can also use it for advanced .MSI []

Managing Google Chrome version 69 and later using Intune

Google Chrome has a great set of Group Policy settings we can configure which makes it possible for us to even use Chrome in environments with high-security requirements, and we can also do this with Intune as it supports ADMX ingestion and ADMX backed policies! Starting with Google Chrome version 69 and later it supports []

Information protection with EMS [video]

Heres a new short video from Microsoft that shows how you can protect your organisations information, using solutions that are part of the Enterprise Mobility + Security suite, such as Cloud App Security, Intune and Azure Information Protection.


TechX 2016

Snart är det dags för Tech X Azure, och Onevinn står som talare och utställare!