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Målet med vårt arbete är att skapa en transparent, kostnadseffektiv säkerhet som märks så lite som möjligt av användarna. Vi brukar kalla det "intelligent säkerhet på
lagom nivå".


New cool features in Configuration Manager 1909 TP

I love playing around with a new Technical Preview and test everything out and complete the scenarios each time a new Tech Preview is released. If you dont do it yourself, try it out it is great fun. Orchestration groups Orchestration groups are here! A long-awaited update/rewrite of Server groups which has been around for []

Configuring Dell BIOS Settings using Intune Win32App and PowerShell

By my Padawan and co-worker Sassan. This is a quick post about the possibility to manage and configure some BIOS settings on Dell computers using Intune and Win32 apps. In this example we’re going to set an BIOS/admin password, but this could of course be expanded to configure other settings that are available through the []

Hyper-V Guests with Windows 10 (1903) hangs when using Enhanced Session/RDP?

Are you also having the issue where accessing your Hyper-V VM Guests works great when connecting via Virtual Machine Connection, but the VM hangs when you try to access it using Enhanced Session or RDP? The VM becomes irresponsible and Continue reading

New in Application requests in SCCM 1906

Back in January 2019 I wrote a post on how Application approval in Configuration Manager 1810 was a game changer over at, which it truly is! Some things were still early then, but lets look at whats new in System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 1906 when it comes to instant application delivery using application requests. Check []

Custom Permissions nu i Office 365 SCC

Utvecklingen med Microsofts Informationsskydd fortsätter och integreras mer fler och fler lösningar. Nu har Office 365 Security och Compliance (SCC) portalen och dess Unified Labeling fått stöd för Custom Permissions. Detta innebär att Unified Labeling klienten nu enbart pratar med Läs mer