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Målet med vårt arbete är att skapa en transparent, kostnadseffektiv säkerhet som märks så lite som möjligt av användarna. Vi brukar kalla det "intelligent säkerhet på
lagom nivå".



Välkommen Jonas!

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First look – Orchestration groups in MEMCM 2002

Orchestration Groups is a new feature in Configuration Manager 2002 and replaces Server Groups which never made it out of pre-release.. Orchestration Groups is a pre-release feature that you need to enable if you intend to use it. NOTE: Orchestration Groups will replace Server Groups if you are using that today and convert your Server []

Classify SharePoint sites, Teams and Groups

The demands to have a mobile way to work grows all the time. In the time of writing this article the biggest motivation is the current spread of the Covid 19 virus. More companies start using Teams, SharePoint Online and Läs mer

Enabling strong authentication in ConfigMgr Admin Console

This post started as a poll I did on twitter on how many has enabled Strong Authentication in Configuration Manager as a requirement to access the Configuration Manager Admin Console(SMS Provider). The result was interesting.. 96,2 percent use Windows authentication that is a way to high number. Configuration Manager basically owns all devices in your []

MEMCM Tenant attach: Device sync and device actions TP 2002.2 a first look

A big ask and dream has been a Webbased admin portal for Configuration Manager for a long time. The new feature in Configuration Manager 2002.2 Technical Preview Device sync and actions is the first look at the feature promised and presented at Ignite in 2019. This new features is hopefully the start with more features []