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Målet med vårt arbete är att skapa en transparent, kostnadseffektiv säkerhet som märks så lite som möjligt av användarna. Vi brukar kalla det "intelligent säkerhet på
lagom nivå".


Application approval in SCCM 1810 and beyond is a game changer

Application approval in the latest version of Configuration Manager 1806/1810 has gotten a lot of love! Its one of the biggest changes to application deployment in many years. It still needs some finishing touches, but its well worth it to try it out and perhaps start using it. I wrote a blog post over at []

Wake up single Computer or collection of Computers in ConfigMgr 1810 using PowerShell

In Configuration Manager a new way of waking up computers exists. We can Wake Up a single computer or all computers in a collection using the Client Notification channel, no need to configure Wake-On-LAN in Configuration Manager site settings and no need to ask the network team to turn on Subnet-Directed Broadcast. We tested it []

Förenkla extern delning för våra användare

Flera verksamheter har behov att kunna dela skyddsvärd information med andra organisationer vilket är en syftena med Azure Information Protection. Att kunna skydda valfri fil med behörighet till en extern organisation, på enkelt sätta kunna dela den via epost och Läs mer

HP Smart W10 store app – solves a classic issue

One of the biggest challenges and discussion points when it comes to removing the local admin permissions from users is that they cannot add multi-function printers without admin permissions as they need to install additional software to work. I bought a new OfficeJet printer the other day and was happily surprised that the HP Smart []

Copy and associate CMTrace using Intune Win32App and PowerShell

I wrote a blogpost on how to make CMTrace which is included in the SCCM client nowadays using a PowerShell script. I got a question basically instantly if that could not be used for Intune managed clients without the SCCM client. Yes! it can, we only need to add a line to copy CMTrace.exe to []