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Restricting Settings in Windows 10 1703

In Windows 10 1703 Creators Update there is a new Group Policy setting that actually allows us to control what is visible in Settings for our users. This is useful for computers with a specific purpose for instance or other business requirements. The policy is called Settings Page Visibility it can be used to either Hide a specific settings or Show only a specific setting or settings.

Example to hide the Bluetooth settings page we use the GPO with the settings hide:bluetooth as shown below.

HideOn the machine the Bluetooth settings is actually gone:

NoBluetoothWe can also use the Group Policy setting with the ShowOnly option as shown below.


On the computer the Settings page will now only show, Colors, Start and Themes

ShowonlyThe syntax for the settings you want to hide/show is not that easy to find, this is where I found them,

Not all settings are in that list and can be removed :-( like all the Game settings for instance.

Tip on how to test them, you can just launch run and type: MS-Settings:Colors for instance and it will launch the Colors settings node. We can also use this to create shortcuts to different settings.Run

And Colors is launched.


That is basically it, great for some scenarios!

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